How we operate

We are happy to provide the most simple of bookkeeping services, which may be limited to data entry and bank reconciliations. However, our aim is to add value by offering a service that frees you from the compliance burden and helps you to grow your business.

You will no doubt already have an external accountant as your trusted advisor, who we also recognise is the final link in the information supply chain. Accordingly our services are geared towards taking your books to the point where your accountant can happily and efficiently take charge. What is included or excluded in our financial year end reporting package to your accountant will be tailored to your circumstances in consultation with you and your accountant.


Costs are tailored specifically to you. You have the choice of two engagement models:

Monthly contract charge for services

A scope of services document will be produced (usually this is derived from the initial meeting) and an engagement contract drawn up to cover a 12 month period. The benefit of this is to provide certainty of cost to you which will assist your cash flow by flattening out the cost. All required services will be bundled up and a cost would be calculated and spread over 12 months.

This will lock in Arrowpoint resources and our commitment to you. You will be allocated dual points of contact to guarantee your peace of mind that you are always being looked after with assistance only a phone call, email or a visit away.

Hourly rate based on services provided

We understand that some businesses prefer to “pay as they go” and prefer the more traditional hourly rate arrangement.

Arrowpoint can provide this service. Hourly rates will start from as low as $65 (plus GST) per hour for basic bookkeeping services. Rates increase depending on the level of expertise and service you require. Our rates are reviewed annually and will be communicated to all our clients.

You will be allocated a single point of contact under this model. Scheduling our time (especially visits) in advance is the best way to take advantage of this model. We will of course strive to ensure we deliver a timely service to you but our response time to unscheduled requests could vary.