Schedule of Fees

We understand that some businesses prefer to “pay as they go” and prefer the more traditional hourly rate arrangement.

Arrowpoint can provide this service. Hourly rates will start from as low as $80 (ex GST) per hour for basic bookkeeping services. Rates increase depending on the level of expertise and service you require. Our rates are reviewed annually and will be communicated to all our clients.

You will be allocated a single point of contact under this model. Scheduling our time (especially visits) in advance is the best way to take advantage of this model. We will of course strive to ensure we deliver a timely service to you but our response time to unscheduled requests could vary.

Bookkeeping/Data Entry

The scope of this work includes the following tasks:

  • Data Entry
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Creditor Entry/Payment/Reconciliation
  • Debtor Entry/Receipt/Reconciliation

  • General Journal Entries
  • Payroll and PAYG Summaries

  • BAS/IAS Preparation
  • Quarterly/Annual Review

Staff Level Rate (ex GST)
Bookkeeper $80 per hour
Manager $100 per hour

Additional Services

The scope of this work includes (but is not limited to) the following tasks:

  • Software Installation/Implementation/Setup

  • Advice and assistance surrounding internal bookkeeping systems and procedures

  • Training of bookkeeping and other clerical staff

  • Implementation of internet banking/electronic payments and bank link functionality

  • Management Accounts Preparation

  • Lodgement of BAS/IAS/SGC compliance returns

  • Assistance with client staff recruitment relating to internal accounting appointments

Staff Level Rate (ex GST)
Manager $140 per hour